Technicians at All Levels

We are looking for Technicians at every level: Entry Level up to Master Technicians. We know there is a great demand for good technicians and we will pay top dollar. We want people who like working on a team, want a career in this field and a place they can be proud to work. Customer Service is very important to us and we will give you all the resources you need to do your job the right way.

Contact Bob Weiss at for Kia and Travis Honeycutt at for Nissan & Mitsubishi.

Sales Professionals

We're looking for energetic, knowledgeable sales professionals to join our team to increase sales. We have a large client base and take great pride on repeat business and treating our customers right.

Looking for a new career? If you have good people skills and want to be rewarded for hard work, the car business could be for you.

Experience in customer service, advertising, financial services, celluar and mortgage sales, along with the restaurant industry have proven to be very successful when switching careers to the automotive industry.

Contact Theron Maring at , Don Mundt at, Eric Whitney at